Healthcare Messenger

Securely text your peers and patients
DOCHOO Healthcare Messenger is a safe and encrypted cross-platform app for healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and with their patients. While maintaining HIPAA compliance, DOCHOO allows healthcare professionals to communicate efficiently while on-the-go. DOCHOO protects users with a unique PIN system that ensures maximum privacy without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Text messages
  • High resolution photos
  • Instant Voice Messages
  • Documents
  • Unique PIN & QR code

Free unlimited instant messaging.

Send text messages, high resolution photos, documents and voice messages.

Secure and HIPAA compliant.

Messages are encrypted and wiped from servers upon delivery, control message lifespan.

Protect your personal information.

Text without giving away personal contact information using DOCHOO PIN or QR code.

Stay connected globally.

Eliminate roaming charges when traveling abroad. Cross-Platform on IOS, Android, MAC & PC.

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